This is me, and I love food! But I also want to be healthy so for me it’s about balance. I want to be able to eat out (oh and how I do!) and not feel guilty about it, knowing at home I have healthy food that I will actually enjoy waiting for me! Being healthy shouldn’t have to be boring or about deprivation and I have never been one for fad diets.

On this site I want to take the stress out of healthy and more importantly keep it delicious. For a long time healthy to me meant boring and for that reason I couldn’t enjoy it. With the ever changing diet and nutrition advice I also struggled to really understand what I was supposed to eat or not eat to be healthy! Of course I gained some weight – not orca size – but more than I was used to being and was uncomfortable. Finally after some research of my own I have come to my own understanding of healthy eating which also helped me shed the weight and get back to feeling good about myself again.

Here I’ve taken healthy back to basics. I’m sure you’ve heard of clean eating by now. It simply means eating food that is as unprocessed and close to it’s natural form as possible. On this site you won’t fine refined foods. That means no refined sugar – that’s the big one! also no white pasta, bread or flour etc. Any refined carbs on the site will be as whole as possible.

I want this site to be a database for healthy recipes nutrition tips and exercise resources that are easy to reach for, safe with the knowledge that they have been checked and are refined sugar free and low on simple, processed cards . Substitutions can of course be made that is completely your call! This is just the basics. Here I have done the leg work for you and trawled through vast recipes and found the ones I would class as the most refined free.

Here we are keeping it simple stupid! If it’s whole, eat it. If it’s refined moderate it. When you eat out, enjoy it!

If you want to follow my glutinous food filled saga’s you can pop over to my other site http://www.travelbytummy.com. You can also find me on instagram @kmjo or pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/kinamjo which has a little of both sites. I am in the process of setting up an UnRefined twitter account too.

2012-09-17 14.37.45

Disclaimer – I am not a nutritionist. These are the opinions I have made through research and experience. Everyone is different but this is what works for me.

All recipe credits go to the site I found them on which will be linked in the bottom of each post. You are more than welcome to go to that site to check out their other recipes however I have not have checked all of their recipes and just because I endorse a recipe from it, doesn’t mean I endorse all their recipes.


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