My Go to Websites for Workouts and Fitness

The following have been my go-to websites, mostly for workouts and fitness inspiration but they also have recipes and nutrition information:


Zuzka Light

Bender Fitness (try not to laugh)

These are where I started and they assisted me in shedding a few kilo’s and building a foundation knowledge of fitness and how to eat healthier. They all have free content apart from Zuzkalight which has a paid membership section for most of her workouts called the z-gym.

Now I also use:

Muscle and Fitness

These I would recommend if you are switching from weight loss to building muscle and are a little more advanced with your nutrition and fitness knowledge. They have both men’s and women’s sections. I still judge recipes here with some skepticism and look for the most fuss free recipes with the least refined ingredients. Try to weed out the ‘fad’ ideas. If in doubt go back to basics; good whole food recipes and staying active. Don’t over complicate it for yourself. Don’t stress.

Please use your own common sense and judgement with these sites. No one person is 100% right and we all have different bodies we must learn to listen to, and different psychologies we must learn to work with, not against.


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